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  • (+855) 23 900 111 / 112 / 113
  • Road No. 4, House No. 43, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • 客服中心:电话(中文)031 8484841


“ To be the No.1 practical company operating in the infra-structures sector and supplying to our customers sustainable solutions and equipment for their businesses to be valuable”



We are contributing to provide the necessary business solutions and equipment to the customers in the infra-structure sectors in Cambodia Market to the right place on the right time.



Shared Ownership

We will create values for the shareholders and will share our success with those who produce it fairly.

High integrity

We are pursuing  to be sustained in high integrity with our AHM Code of Conduct no matter where we are.

Competent Human resources

We are pursuing to develop our human resources to be the No.1 in their fields for sustaining our businesses most competitive.

Supporting Government

Through our business, we are supporting Cambodia Government.

Smooth Communication

We are pursuing smooth communication internally and externally

Angkor Heavy Motor