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  • (+855) 23 900 111 / 112 / 113
  • Road No. 4, House No. 43, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • 客服中心:电话(中文)031 8484841

CEO's Message

                  Since its founding on May 2011, Angkor heavy motor has now grown to vying for the No. 1 or 2 of the market share in Cambodia's construction equipment market. Only by the conviction of becoming the best in the industry, the increased sales on trust and confidence mainly based on the previous existing customers of used equipment sales was the result made into our remarkable growth.

 From Hyundai Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd with which we are contracting as a Cambodia Official Agent, we were selected as the best agent among worldwide agents, and we have been gradually make up a various product line of heavy equipment such as commercial trucks of Tata Daewoo, rock drill of Junjin, commercial trucks of Hyundai Car, and crane and pump truck of Dongyang and tank lorry of Tank Korea. As heavy equipment distribution business that started small has been growing into sales exceeded 20 million per a year, we are attempting to transform the company into applying a more advanced sales strategy with proper management system to meet the size of the company.

 Continuous launching of products line that will meet to our synergy strategy will go further to raise the sales. The growth of the company should be regarded as the same of the growth of all employees who will feel full ownership of the company and will give maximum satisfaction to our shareholders.Through its business, we will be contributing to the national economy in Cambodia. We will make possible all the staff to love the company like a family as a life-long partner and we will provide services to the customers one step ahead, and by providing proactive solutions we will do our best to contribute our role for helping the customer businesses succeed.

 As a helper to design their lives with more courage and hope of young and disabled and elderly people in the difficult home environment, we will be the company that fulfills its social responsibility.Internally by allowing the staff to be able-workers through self-development and communicating freely with each other, we will establish a corporate culture that improving the staff’s ability is to be as the company’s growth.We promise that all employees strive to be a good example in doing business in Cambodia. We hope to be supported by the customers continuously.

Choi Sam Hwan

Angkor Heavy Motor